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There is no vacuum lines in the fender well that I can attach these to. Joined May 25, I pulled the reservoir out of the fender well. Martin, Your setup looks a bit different from mine. The attached is found in the footwell on the passenger side. Under the hood no pic are two distribution blocks with red and green vacuum lines. I have traced all these lines on the vacuum block.

The grey goes to the intake manifold and provide engine vacuum. The clear comes from the PSE, which has just had a new motor and seems to work everything properly. The grey-green supplies vacuum to the Y Hooked up this way, the vents work fine, and the flap test works. The black line it may be black-grey , I'm not so sure where it runs. Those are the only two lines on it, but supposedly, the resevoir is dual-chambered, so I can't see how the intake manifold would run to it first, then to the distribution block. But, the black-grey line terminal 13 is for the auto trans resevoir.

I have traced the two lines for the trans vacuum modulator and upshift delay to attachment points under the hood. Why would there be a vacuum attachment down in the block associated with the ventilation system? Martin, The picture I posted is not the flap controller. It's called various things, but the most common is a vacuum distribution block.

Why Does a Plumbing System Need a Vent?

It's simple a manifold and a leaky one at that. From my current understanding, it connects the engine vacuum and PSE vacuum to the flap controller 11 My flap controller looks very similar to yours. It's accessed as per Samosali by removing the glovebox.

It's directly above the distribution box. It is controlled by the climate control computer N The connection to the vacuum distribution box is via a grey-green pipe. Overall, the functions are the same. My question is where does this dual chambered vacuum resevoir fit into the picture. I get that half of it is for the AC controller. But having the other half for the transmission controller black-grey 2nd selection program automatic transmission reservoir per McMahon's posts when nothing that I can see connects the two vacuum ports on the transmission to the vacuum distribution block.

I hope this is clear now. I hope this information is enough to fix your problem. Namely, it is hard for me to read your text and guess which info you need exactly.

A minor issue with the air vent's depressurization. :: Space Engineers Troubleshooting

The line from PSE into the vacuum block is a pure luxury in my mind. I mean that it is needed only in theory. It serves to provide vacuum in situations when engine provides no vacuum which is only when you floor it. And even if this is a case there is enough of vacuum in the vacuum reservoir. So, let's call it overengineering. Another remark: vacuum reservoir needs several seconds 20? Samo, Thanks for this. I had found it previously, but it was unclear whether this referred my my vintage or not.

Here is my current issue. This is what I found in my fender.

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No where else in the fender are the remnants of any vacuum lines. I'm going to run with the assumption that this is a dual chamber vacuum resevoir since vacuuming one side has no effect on the other. Both lines hold vacuum. I can see where connections 12 and 13 should connect to it based on the table you provided. My task now is to find out how to route the lines from the vacuum distribution block to this reservoir.

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Thanks again for all the info. It's been invaluable in getting the ventilation system going again. Ok, so I understand that you almost won.

I do feel that yesterday was HUGE step forward in this car's restoration. Again, could not have done without your assistance. Even the adjusters in the headlights were broken! I have gone over this car from the headlights to the taillights where someone has removed some of the copper busbars!

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I have been following Steve's travails. At the end of the day he will end up with a gorgeous car. Basically a car that sat for a looong while vs one that came out of a refugee camp in Sudan. Mine will get a proper paint job once all the mechanicals are done.

But it still will show it's roots in the bush. With the exception of pulling the engine, I've had to more to do than even he. Once I get the heater hoses and gasket sets, then engine will come out for resealing. And the rear subframe will come out for the second time, so I can replace the differential mounts and seals.

Today we are undoing the PO attempts at installing a stereo. Hopefully, we can have this done in one day. Joined Jan 12, I do appreciate how lucky I am to have a pair of helpers on this project. Working on a car by myself stateside I really miss having the help. When I'm stateside, I'm restoring several of my other cars. I'm almost through my Last time I was stateside I spent the better part of two days just replacing the windshield washer pump. One of my V12 Jags was really banged up last year when a tire blew out. It's in a frame shop right now having a subframe installed and the body straightened.

After it gets out of there, I figure it will take another 2 years to get that one back to where it was as I only have a week a year to wrench on it. But above all else what I miss when wrenching here in Uganda is the availability of tools. Having access to metal workers, I can make some of the tools that I need. I can end up waiting a month for just a socket.

That's one of the reasons that this forum is so invaluable. When I'm stateside buying parts, I always refer to threads here as to what tools are needed. And I am especially proud of my camber adjusting tool! This is so cool! So the tool from the picture is the one which i need to finish rear axle links replacement? Join the discussion.

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What Are Plumbing Vents?

Recommended Reading. W S-Class. Well, so here it is, my first self inflicted car problem. Last week I parked the car and put a new car cover on it garage is dusty. Two things weren't proper; interior light was on, and the driver's door wasn't fully shut. Both were not spotted due to the car cover. It was then locked from Since there are a lot of questions regarding wheel and tire fitment, lets start a thread.

Please put in your own experience of have at least seen it done through someone you know. Do not post speculative info.