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Poke them through the wall of your bubble. Let the kids try poking other stuff that has been moistened in the solution, even their fingers. You can then poke your straw back inside the bubble and blow another bubble.

By now, you should be super awesome in their minds. The bubble just wraps itself around anything that is wet, filling in the hole that would have been made. There is a lot more to know about bubbles.


Hopefully your amazing demonstration will get your students interested in learning more about the science of bubbles! Put the glycerin or corn syrup into the mix and stir. You can use it right away, but some bubble-lovers recommend covering and letting the bubble mix sit overnight. Secure Server - We value your privacy.

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The Science Behind Bubbles

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Quick Faith Lessons You Can Teach with Bubbles – Shelly Roark Author

We regret any inconvenience. Bubble Blow: The physical act of blowing can be a very effective sensory-based way to help your child calm, organise and focus the body. How long can your child keep the bubbles in the air by blowing underneath them? Practice taking a deep breath and blowing bubbles into the air on the exhalation. Quietly watch the bubbles float away together. Try long grass, sand, rice, shaving foam, carpet, wet floor etc. Touching bubbles is also a sensory experience in itself!

Bubble Bubble

Bubble Balance: Have your child sit or stand on an uneven surface while trying to pop the bubbles. Your child could sit or stand on a pillow or sofa cushion, stand in a sand pit, sit on a gym ball or even stand on a wobble board! Bubble Dodge: Place some obstacle course equipment around the room pillows, sofa cushions, balls, chairs, small tables, tunnel etc. Your child then needs to navigate the items to pop the bubbles!

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Bubble Stomp: Wait for the bubbles to land on the floor and then pop them! Bubble Freeze: Dance through the bubbles but remember to freeze when the music stops! Make the music pause longer to encourage your child to freeze for longer. Bubble Dancing: Put some music on and have a bubble dance party! Have a set space where the children can dance.

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A piece of carpet or a masking tape square on the floor works well. Try not to bump into each other! Bubble Hula Hoop: One child holds a hula-hoop in the air and the other child must blow the bubble through the circle!

Bubble Experiment in Preschool

Both children must work together to score a goal! You can make this game more difficult by playing on a windy day or with a fan in the room. Bubble Share: Provide one bubble blower between children. Stay present to help your child navigate the rules of sharing and taking turns.