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Antonio Sempere, in stead, describes The Sea Inside as an ode to life and love. More than anything, he sees the the movie as a story about a journey in which the man, on his almost three decades long way towards death, is significant for everyone around him. Although euthanasia is legal in Netherlands and Belgium, it still remains illegal in the legislation of most of the countries.

The filmatised differences in the attitudes towards euthanasia, on one hand, those of the communities and, on the other hand, those of the individuals exist in the field of science as well. In the field of bioethics, a regularly strongly criticized but a rather widely published author called Wesley J.

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Not only do the categories of people eligible for euthanasia expand, but the rest of the society generally ceases to think that it matters. This desentisizing, in turn, affects how people perceive the moral value of the seriously ill, disabled and elderly — and perhaps how they view themselves.

Thanks to that, The Sea Inside enhanced a discussion that feels somewhat like a continuation of the filmatisation in real life.

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Oxford: Hart Publishing. The New York Times. BBC News. The Guardian. Editorial Club Universitario. Page Pages Tan poderosa que alcanza nuestro centro y nos abate y nos abre dentro en manantial de emociones, pero nunca abusando de nuestra dignidad como espectadores, nunca anulando la capacidad de discernir las razones de un personaje u otro. This time he forsakes science fiction and ghost stories to put his spin on a famous case history. Mar adentro es un canto a la vida y al amor.

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The film is based on the true story of Ramon Sampedro Javier Bardem who was injured in a diving accident at age 25, leaving him permanently a quadriplegic, totally dependent on others for the most basic functions of day-to-day life. Despite the loving care of his family, Sampedro believed that no dignity remained in his life and he wished to die.

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For thirty years he campaigned for the right to end his life. Write-director Alejandro Amenabar The Others , Open Your Eyes might easily have gone astray with this material — it has all the potential for the didactic, the polemical, and the maudlin.

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So, on the one hand, Sampedro is given a number of opportunities to express his feelings as he interacts with other characters; so, too, on the other hand, does his older brother, Jose Celso Bugallo , get to angrily express his opposition, as does a Jesuit priest, himself a quadriplegic. The contrast of his youthful adventures with the limitations of his life as a paraplegic speaks for itself. Classical music selections and original scoring adds further emotional impact to the drama.

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There are three women who befriend Sampedro: Gene Clara Segura , who leads a political group working for a euthanasia law; Julia Belen Rueda , a lawyer, herself suffering from a degenerative disease, who works with Sampedro to develop his case; and Rosa Lola Duenas , a local factory worker and single mother who seeks Sampedro out as much out of her own need as out of her sympathy for his plight. Each of these relationships is different from the others and each of the women is fully characterized by the script and by finely etched performances. Bardem Collateral , Before Night Falls transforms himself from the rugged thirty-something matinee idol that he is into a balding, fifty-five year old, bedridden man who somehow sustains a sense of humor and the ability to care for others and have an impact on their lives, even as, with focused conviction, he pursues his wish to die.