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Prayerfully meditate on this passage and ask the Lord to show you how to manifest this type of love in your marriage. The Kindle version is also available on Amazon. Using links to these sites means we may earn a percentage of the purchase at no extra cost to you.

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This book is the result of helping hundreds of thousands of couples better their marriages for over forty years. No thanks. How can you move away from performance into faith love? Categories Build christian marriage communication conflict resolution intimacy Invest marital trials Restore. The entrance door bell rang and she jerked up from her reverie. She adjusted her pyjamas, cleaned her face and ran to the door and opened it. There he was clad in a carton colour Next stripe shirt on a black trousers and crocodile skin deep brown shoes.

He had all the charm in the world to sweep a woman off her feet and all the anger she felt for him staying out late melted at the sight of him. All she wanted to do was spend the rest of her life loving and pleasing Femi.

Can A Marriage Be 50/50?

Yes, Femi was her password. His name was Femi but she had customized it to ifemi, Yoruba word for my love. It was a perfect name and few years back, the name alone was enough to put Femi in the mood to sweep her off her feet to the bedroom and give her the pounding of her life just the way she liked it. As he made his way into the sitting room, she rushed at him and hugged him. It was a tight hug, she sniffed the scent of his perfume mixed with his sweat and she felt like holding on to him all her life less another woman snatch him away from her.

He gently eased his way out of her embrace and made for the room. She, the understanding wife that she is thought that he was very tired after office duties and she closed the door after him and collected his brief case. She had just finished resetting the dining table when she saw him come out of the bathroom. Femi ignored her and concentrated on wearing his sleeping robe.

The Truth About the 50/50 Marriage

All he wanted to do was sleep, food was the last thing on his mind for the other woman had feed him full. You just got back from work after leaving home early this morning and you say that you are not hungry? What is it? I said I am not hungry.

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I am not blind. But why would you come back this late? Well, we had a very busy day trying to reconcile our accounts today. As if that was not enough, we had a board meeting to harmonize our report for the month against tomorrow. I am the branch manager and there is no way these meetings can hold without me.

(Episode 1) Fifty-50 Marriage… A touching tale!

I have not had a second to myself since I left home this morning. Thank God you understand. Now, can I sleep in peace? Few minutes later, after she had packed the dinner she made into the refrigerator, she joined him in bed. She thought of drawing close to him and touching him for she wanted to feel his arms around her but she thought otherwise, not wanting to provoke him since he said he was tired. After about an hour, she was finding it difficult to sleep for her heart was heavy. The Femi she knew would have called her to inform her of the emergency meeting and apologize for coming home late.

The Deceptive 50/50 Relationship: why it doesn’t work

She was still preoccupied with her thoughts when her husband phone began to vibrate. The phone was on the bedside drawer close to her and she peeped to see who the caller was. Could it be one of his staff in the office?

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Is Femi involved in any form of shaddy deal? All these thoughts crossed her mind as she thought of picking the call and answering on his behalf or ignoring it until he wakes up the next day. She was about stretching forth her hand to pick the call when she saw Femi moved and she lay still pretending to be asleep. He quietly picked the phone and covered himself but she stretched her ears and tried to pick out what he was saying under the duvet.

She was careful not to make any turn for he thought she was asleep. I missed you, I wish you are here. I can make do with your arms around me tonight. You know how well I can do it baby. He ended the call and swiftly removed the duvet he had over him and tiptoed out of bed, making great efforts not to wake his wife who was fast asleep, so he thought. He went into the toilet and closed the door after him and called her back.

As soon as he locked the toilet door, his wife also tiptoed out of bed and went towards the toilet door. Careful not to make any sound that will give her away, she pressed her head against the door but she could not make out what he was saying. All she heard was murmurings and she felt she heard Femi make a moaning sound, the type he always made when he wanted to cum in her anytime there were having their rounds of passionate sex. What is she telling him? So, Femi is cheating on me and has the guts to do it so shamelessly? Is this how much he hates me?

Real deal? Who is that bitch that is coming for my Femi? What should I do o, should I confront him or should I pretend not to have heard anything? Question: Should Shana confront her husband or should she pretend not to have heard anything? See Episode 1. See Episode 2. See Episode 3. See Episode 4. See Episode 5. See Episode 6.

See Episode 7. See Episode 8.

See Episode 9. See Episode Jane opened the door. My father however tried his best to get them listen to us but unfortunately all […]. Shana should pretend as if she heard nothing because if she does,Femi will flare up and might even leave the house. She should not confront him, she should pretend as if she did not hear anything.

The Fifty-50 Marriage: Return to Intimacy

Nice one Adelove. It had been a long day and he was resting before we headed out to meet some friends. He laid in bed for about another five minutes before getting up to fetch a new lightbulb. I never thought anything of it. Then one day I heard him tell this story and he said,. You just want a few minutes to rest in peace and someone asks you to do something for them.