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Regarded as the cutest penguins in existence, their name rings true as they are the smallest penguin species known to man. Standing at a mere 33 centimetres on average, with dark blue feathers, and a pale white underbelly. They are the only breed of penguin that is found on mainland Australia, with other colonies found in Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Chatham Islands. As the small creatures spend the majority of their time in the deep seas.

The time the penguins waddle from the beach to their nests is only time humans can see the penguins without difficulty. Well before humans, the Little Penguins have called the shores of Phillip Island their home. Becoming an attraction for locals and tourists since the s, with almost years of humans watching these cute creatures waddle up to bed.

Naming the region, the Summerland Beach which held organised viewings every night. The staff greeted the visitors once they stepped off the ferry, welcoming guests and charging five shillings for a once in a lifetime wildlife experience. Its popularity soared in the s, with flocks of people setting up picnics and chairs along the soft sand, even bringing their dogs along to enjoy the sea and sand.

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Located 1. The Koala Conservation Centre is dedicated to koala research and conservation and allows the opportunity to view koalas in their natural habitat on treetop boardwalks. Much of the park lies within the Phillip Island Important Bird Area , so identified by BirdLife International because of its importance in supporting significant populations of little penguins, short-tailed shearwaters and Pacific gulls. The location of the penguin parade, Summerland Peninsula , Victoria. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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Ask a question. Witness the arrival of the Little Penguins coming home from the sea at Phillip Island See the Koalas peering down from the gum trees and experience the authentic Australia. Optional Gratuities. Meeting point:. Please bring warm, waterproof clothing as nights can be cold on the island in any season. The Penguin Parade is a natural phenomenon taking place in the open outdoors. Daily from pm - pm.

The History of the Phillip Island Penguin Parade

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Adrenaline rush. Introduction to abseiling.