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Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing. Similar Content. Dynasties Mod [Sample of Advances Only]. Hi all!! Tired of travelers in time? Tired of the leaders who only take the water of life? Well then, I have the solution! Dynasties Mod!!! This mod, is still in development and could take two or three months, I hope that much less, besides that this first version will only be compatible with the scenario.

When the version is finished and launched, I will work on the map of and finally in downloadable content maps.

This will take longer since I will focus first on adding all the dynasties in the corresponding years before this, but even so, the most likely is that there are already these civilizations when I launch the first vercion -New Formable Civilizations. I want to say and make it clear, that the mod will probably have some historical error, and that is because of the scant information that is found about some dynasties, but if you know the kingdom, county or duchy that belonged to such a dynasty I would appreciate it Tell me.

Also, I need help with some ideas, I do not know how I could represent the leaders of the American tribes and of Oceania, since we do not find enough information on the leaders in turn, besides that I doubt that they have family coats, so for Please, I'd appreciate it if you could find a solution for that. At the moment there will be no download link, so please be patient. Without more to say, here is an image showing all the dynasties present in the mod for now. V2: The whole Holy Empire contains its dynasties in V3: Scandinavia already contains its dianastias in V5: All Western Europe with its dynasties.

La historia se basa muy libremente en la historia de la emperatriz bizantina Atenaida, convertida al cristianismo con el nombre de Elia Eudoxia, esposa de Teodosio II. In particular, the extraordinary monologue for the title-heroine in Act 3 is magnificently sung by Sandrine Piau. Here we find a sincere attempt to let the story unfold through clearly communicated and simply delivered recitatives and superbly paced arias, and Modo Antiquo play with plenty of vivaciousness and sonority.

This performance always seems to have solid and deeply satisfying foundations. Most of Vivaldi's operas were composed for Venice, but his relationship with that city's opera houses waxed and waned, and Atenaide was one of several operas commissioned from him by the Florentine impresario Marchese Luigi degli Albizzi.

Vivaldi's relationship with Albizzi was a variable one too, however, and if Vivaldi had better resources on hand in Florence than in Venice, he also had less artistic freedom, and less leeway in engaging the singers he preferred. She was close to Vivaldi — perhaps even romantically involved with him — but contemporary accounts vary as to the excellence of her singing, and there might have been local bias against her.

When Atenaide was scheduled for revival in Florence a few years later, Vivaldi made changes to the score, adding and removing arias, probably to accommodate changes in the cast.

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What has been recorded here — authentically enough, in the Teatro della Pergola! Both the original and revised versions contain arias that Vivaldi reused from older operas such as Farnace, Orlando furioso, and Dorilla in Tempe. Given the time and place, this was not unusual. Apostolo Zeno's libretto is a mixture of romantic and political entanglements. Varane, heir to the Persian throne, also desires Eudossa, and has followed her to Byzantium.

Pulcheria, Teodosio's sister, is desired by Marziano, but Teodosio wishes her to marry Varane instead. Teodosio magnanimously allows Eudossa to choose between him and Varane.

Her choice, symbolized by a ring, is connivingly given by Probo an attendant who also desires Pulcheria not to Teodosio but to Varane. Eudossa is surprised when she and her father are banished by Teodosio, and then she is kidnapped by Varane. Marziano, a general also in love with Pulcheria, returns in the nick of time to free Eudossa.

Probo's subterfuge is uncovered, Marziano gets Pulcheria, Teodosio gets Eudossa, and Varane is forgiven but apparently is still single. The score is essentially a series of arias in ABA form separated by secco and accompanied recitatives which advance the plot. Performers of Vivaldi's time were expected to embellish their arias, particularly at the reprise of the "A" section, and that convention is stylishly followed in this recording.

All of the characters have several arias. Although the singers are good vocal actors, the longer recitatives can try a listener's patience. For example, after the sinfonia, the opera opens with a seven-minute recitative for Eudossa and Leontino. Atenaide is no slower-going that the average Baroque opera, though, but it feels a little mellower than most — perhaps because there are no supernatural elements involved? The cast is uniformly excellent, even in the punishing coloratura passages that Vivaldi apparently loved to write.

There's a lot of lovely cantabile writing, however, and that plays to this cast's strengths. Piau is vulnerable yet palpably regal as the misunderstood Eudossa, and Genaux also projects royalty as Teodosio — without playing tricks with her voice, she projects a credible masculinity. Laurens and Basso make similar distinctions in their mezzo-soprano roles.

Stutzmann brings fruity tone to the general Marziano, who saves the day at the opera's end. Agnew is a calm, concerned father-figure, and Ferrari an impressive hot-head in the role of the opera's true villain. The score's lyrical elements are emphasized, not its blazing drama or virtuosity. The engineering is intimate, and yet it carries a sense of the Pergola's space. Esta fue sustituida por un sencillo alminar. La estatua fue instalada en La palabra giralda proviene de girar y significa "veleta de torre que tiene figura humana o de animal".

El joven, por su parte, tuvo que vencer la resistencia de su padre a autorizarle la partida. Hildegarda de Anglachgau - Diedenhofen, 30 de abril de fue hija del conde Gerold von Anglachgau y de Irma Imma. Hijos de Hildegarda 1. Carlos el Joven o , Rey de Neustria en 2. Adelaida o 3. Rotruda 5. Bertha ? Gisela ?

Hildegarda ? Ha sido considerado por ello un predecesor de la unidad europea. Y, entonces, pude relajarme. Hoy hago lo que encuentro correcto, lo que me gusta, cuando quiero y a mi propio ritmo. Ahora, me mantengo en el presente, que es donde la vida acontece. Y eso se llama… plenitud. Y esto es… saber vivir! No debemos tener miedo de cuestionarnos… Hasta los planetas chocan y del caos nacen las estrellas.

La vida es una obra de teatro que no permite ensayos Amante a ultranza de la naturaleza, era una vegetariana convencida. Su aspecto era de una exquisita elegancia.