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Written by a New York Times correspondent who has closely followed Carter's career, the book chronicles Carter's rise to fame and power. A Goser Look at Sex Roles.

In this series of three books, the authors explore the expected behavior and accepted sex roles of women and men. Education and Work explores the way different career options for men and women are determined by our school system. In Sex and Marriage, the authors question the accepted roles of women and men in their relationships and demonstrate how these stereotypes restrict the lives and emotional experiences of both sexes. In Messages and Images, the authors investigate the female and male stereotypes presented by the mass media.

The overall conclusion is that only a conscious understanding of the influence of stereotypes will bring about their elimii:!

Albert, Marv with Hal Bock. Marv Albert on Sportscasting. Albert recalls his rise from an office boy for the Brooklyn Dodgers to his current busy and demanding profession as a sportscaster.

Breakaway (Daria Rigoletti Book 0)

He includes career information, a listing of schools with programs in broadcasting, and a glossary of terms in this field. The book will be of interest to anyone planning to become a sportscaster or to the reader wanting to learn the stories behind sports. Finding Your First Job. Photographs by George An- cona.

This book gives step-by-stcp instructions to teens looking for their first jobs. From how to obtain a Social Security card to advice about what to do if an employer asks you to cut your hair, the author outlines and illustrates all the steps in the actual process of seeking employment.

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It contains specific information about ex- ceptional children and about the roles and responsibilities of those who work with them. While the focus is on teaching, other kinds of jobs are included. Steel Beams and Iron Men. Four Winds Press, In a very personal view, ironworker Cherry tells how it feels to build a skyscraper and a suspension bridge, to work thousands of feet above the ground, and to fall four stories and live.

In spite of the danger. Cherry loves his work. He gives the reader information about his specific job and about iron construction in general. Working Kids on Working. Photographs by Victoria Bellcr- Smith. The unique stories of twenty-five workers aged nine to fifteen are presented in this book. Some work for the independence; others to help support their families; still others are in training for future careers. From busboy and newspaper carrier to model and stable- hand, the young people reveal their feelings of satisfaction as well as frustration with their jobs.

Here Is Your Career: Written in a lively, personal manner by a practicing lawyer, this book tells the reader about law as a career. Many questions about educational requirements, law school, and kinds of employment available for lawyers are answered in an informal yet informative way. If a career in broadcasting is your goal or if you are simply curious about what it means to work as a disc jockey, a newscaster, a sportscaster, or a radio talk-show host, this book is for you.

It contains valuable planning material and also unusual behind-the- scenes background information. Norman, and Alice Fins. Your Future in More Exotic Careers.

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Exciting and unusual occupations arc described in detail in this useful reference book. Find out what a farrier does and how. Or get a glimpse at the routine of the movie stunt person. Many unique jobs are presented here, including some predicted interdisciplinary careers of the future. One of a series.

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Acknowledging that less than 5 percent of those people currently working in the field of architecture are women, Fenten encourages young women to explore this exciting and broad career area. Help- ful information is presented oii skills and attitudes needed in the field and educational requirements. Biographies of six women artists demonstrate their contribution to modern art history.

Gleasner presents an overview of society's attitudes about women writers historically and then explores in more detail the problems encountered by five contemporary female authors: Graham, Ada, and Frank Graham. Sierra Club Books, This is a beautiful book that will interest anyone who loves the outdoors. The authors provide firsthand information about the variety of jobs that relate to conservation— from game warden to congressional lobbyist.

From Writer to Reader. Here is an unusual book about how an author's manuscript becomes a published book. Anyone interested in any or all of the steps along this journey will be fascinated by this easy-to-read personal account. This book is packed with answers to questions about career oppor- tunities in the broad area of home economics. Although most ERIC Careers and People on the Job 37 options presented demand a college degree, the high school graduate is not overlooked.

The authors demonstrate that home economics involves far more than just cooking, sewing, and teaching these skills. A Guide to Job Opportunities: This guide presents information on several hundred blue-collar occupations: The occupations included range from construction and factory work to locksmithing and shoe repair.

The hclp-yoursclf system presented in this book is designed to aid the young person in determining his or her potential and in making the most of it. Here is a step-by-step program for anyone aged sixteen to twenty who is looking for a job that is suitable and personally fulfilling. By portraying the personal experiences of individual women in all branches of engineering, this book presents the basic requirements for and options in engineering careers. The message is strongly stated throughout: Women need not give up marriage and children to excel as engineers.

Harragan emphasizes that young women choosing a career in busi- ness should become aware of the special problems of being female in the corporate world.

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Charlie, a high school senior who wants to become an automobile mechanic, learns how to make the decision, prepare himself, ad- vance, and own his own shop. The book is not for boys only. From bricklayer to plumber, from safety engineer to general contractor, the author focuses on each trade and its respective requirements and rewards. Opportunities for women are discussed, and one chapter presents advice on getting a first job in the building industry.

Your Future in Religious Work. Richards Rosen Press, Through personal interviews with individuals in different religious careers, the reader gets a sense of the appropriate qualifications and rewards of this field of work. Positions as clergy and related social service opportunities are described. One chapter focuses on women in religious careers. Lists of schools for training are included. Careers Working with Animals. This guide contains extensive information about a variety of occu- pations that involve working with animals.

Specific jobs discussed include animal trainer, wildlife biologist, naturalist, veterinarian, and zoo keeper. Hoffman, Nancy, and Florence Howe, editors. An Anthology of Stories and Poems. This anthology of stories and poems categorizes the world of women at work: Some selections are light, others sad, but all are realistic. Make It and Sell It: In this handbook, the author provides step-by-step instructions for the efficient production and sale of many kinds of arts and crafts. Tips are included on planning, testing the market, advertising, legal implications, income tax responsibilities, and copyrighting original work.

This is a comprehensive guide for the person interested in turning a hobby into a source of income. How to Make a Hit Record. In a detailed but readable account, the author describes the appro- priate steps for a young person to take if he or she is interested in Careers and People on the Job 39 writing and recording songs. The information is based on a music critic's broad knowledge and extensive in-depth interviews with such popular musical artists as Carly Simon.


This book contains up-to-date information on a variety of careers related to banking and finance. It also presents many case studies of men and women in these careers, illustrating the kinds of work they engage in, the kinds of rewards they receive, and the kinds of training that have proven beneficial. Blue-Collar Jobs for Women. Eighty of the best-paying blue-collar jobs, from crane operator to carpenter, are discussed in depth in this full and informative source book.

Special sections are included on jobs in the armed forces, on unions, and on the variety of ways one can receive training for blue- collar positions. Opportunities abound for the young woman who is interested in working with animals— in small- or large-animal practice, in re- search, in teaching, in public health, or in industry. This book spells out educational requirements and emphasizes the rewards to be gained through becoming a veterinarian.

Lawyers for the People! Laurel Leaf Library, i? Through personal interviews, the author depicts the lives, motiva- tions, and dreams of nine lawyers in different parts of the country, all providing legal semce and justice to poor and uninformed citizens. Through these sketches the reader will see that our society can be improved by dedicated individuals.

Levy, Elizabeth, and Mara Miller. The authors depict the lives and accomplishments of individual doctors who place patient care above money and prestige. This book answers questions about jobs in the film industry and offers practical suggestions for getting into the field. Chal- lenging Careers in Urban Affairs.

The focus of this volume is on career opportunities available in urban areas, including information about such jobs as traffic engi- neer, recreation worker, and firefighter. In addition, McLeod offers a personal view of the rewards and satisfactions of an urban career and the contributions the qualified worker can make to urban life.

This guide, appropriate for both college-bound and work-bound high school students, contains helpful exercises in setting goals, clarifying values, and making reasonable decisions. For over careers, Mitchell describes the nature of the work, the required education and skills, expected salaries, and the future for women in these fields. She also lists universities and colleges that offer preparatory courses for these fields and organizations that can supply career information, Nonfiction.