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You will be amazed at how this will bring you closer to God. He spoke it into existence.

Spending this alone time with God will give you a chance to hear His voice and increase your spiritual growth. There are many free online publications of the Bible in many versions besides King James. Find your favorite publication and bookmark it for quick access throughout the day. God created the world for us to enjoy. Take a moment each day to breathe in the scenery around you. If you can, silence your cell phone and go on a walk outdoors.

The Christian Bucket List: 50 Things to Do before Heaven

Remember that God painted the sky for you. The flowers and butterflies are beautiful and created by Him.

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Pro Tip: Appreciating the small things will not only help you feel centered but draw you closer to God. A record of your thoughts , feelings and actions can become an important guide in your spiritual walk. For nearly 2, years, the Catholic Church has held up a few remarkable Christians as examples for the rest of us.

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  • The Christian Bucket List: 50 Things to Do before Heaven.
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  • Some of these saints—official or not—are chosen for how they lived, others for how they died. Regardless, their stories can encourage us through our own struggles and push us into a deeper understanding of God. The Apostle Paul wrote that the Christian's body is a temple, and exercise keeps that temple in good repair. But more importantly, perhaps, a good minute workout can help clear your mind of everyday flotsam and allow you to focus on spiritual things.

    Beginning with Jesus and His disciples, Christianity has always been a communal faith. A spin through the New Testament shows that the earliest Christians were concerned with sickness, poverty and the issues of the day.

    How Christian Is Self-Improvement?

    There are hundreds of ministries and charities out there doing some tremendous work. Do some research through Charity Navigator and make a long-term donation commitment to an organization that's making a real difference.

    How I Went Through School Being A Christian

    Plus, there are lots of books, tapes and even web sites that make it comparatively easy. Some evangelical and charismatic churches ask their congregants to spend time walking through their cities, praying over schools, churches, and entire neighborhoods. God likes it when we enjoy His gifts, and no gift is as precious as our families.

    Take a long walk with your daughter.

    Whom do you serve?

    Toss a football with your son. Call up your parents.

    Take your spouse out to dinner. Think about ways you can help wherever you go. Nothing touches our souls like music does, which helps explain why music has been such an important part of the faith from the very beginning. From Bach and Handel to Holy Hip Hop, Christian music could fill a couple dozen iPods—and the quality in most genres keeps getting better.

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    But in so doing, we wind up punishing ourselves. Christ calls us to unclench our fists and forgive those who persecute us. Christians are new people in Christ, with a new status and a new purpose. No longer under the power of sin, we have been transferred into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. In him we have redemption and forgiveness of sin. As followers of Christ we are called to grow in our love for Him and for our fellow believers. Christ is Lord in our family life, when we are at work, in our responsibilities as citizens, and much more besides.